Friday, 2 January 2009

First time blogger

Yes, I'm a virgin.
Why did I decide open a blog account? A friend once mentioned that blogging is her "therapy".
I think she means that, she can share her thoughts and feelings through blogging., somewhat like a personal online diary. I thought I'll give a try. I do need to express my feelings sometimes. Especially this moment in time, I'm working and studying abroad, life here tends to be a bit lonelier.

I can't write so many as of now in this first page of my blog, but I feel that I would do this regularly.
I'm beginning to understand what my friend means about when she said this thing has got some "therapeutic effect" on her mentality. Another way to keep her sane.

I got lots of things in my mind to share to whomever will stumble to my blog page, I got a lot of stories to tell, It's more on sad stories though, But I have bunch of very funny moments too.

So, If you want to know me more and share you my life stories. Come and read on.
Until next time.

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